It seems unbelievable, but honey flavours are almost infinite, due to the variables which affect the production, chief among which is the kind of plant or flower from which the pollen is obtained, although the geographic zone, the altitude and the season in which honey is harvested affect the flavour as well.

Regarding pollen, there will never be a truly single-flavoured honey, as bees pollinate different kind of flowers. What we receive is a multiflavoured product with a prevalence of aromas, from which derive, among others, lavender honey and linden honey.

Honey’s consistency also varies based on it’s floral source. From dense to pristine, to viscous. It’s colours also vary as it can spread from clear golden to dark amber depending on the flower and the origin.

All thee variables define the product’s organoleptic properties, which vary from sweet to slightly bitter, as it’s the case with chestnut, sage and rosemary honeys.


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